Selling March 29, 2021

At Platte Valley Livestock, Gering, NE

At 12:30 P.M. 

Pictures taken in December 

Lot 1

DOB: 1-23-20

Sire: R 319C North Star 2E

Dam: Purebred Cow 852

BW: 70     WW: 725

A ton of eye appeal.  A real complete calf marked right.  Deep made hind quarter.  Smooth made.  Has all the bells and whistles.  From a first calf heifer.  Super gentle, pigmented.  Herd bull potential.

Lot 2

DOB: 1-25-20

Sire: KS Lil Mexican 810

Dam: Purebred Cow 815

BW: 75     WW: 730

Solid red, heavy muscled, thick butted.  Hard to fault.  Coming from a first calf heifer.  Easy going.

Lot 3

DOB: 2-5-20

Sire: SR Scope 175C

Dam: Purebred Cow 724

BW: 83     WW: 660

High volume, thick made, dark red, naturally thick.  Easy keeping kind of bull.

Lot 4

DOB: 2-6-20

Sire: SR Scope 615C

Dam: Purebred Cow 726

BW: 87     WW: 765

Large framed, long bodied calf that has a real nice profile.  Got the markings of a real good bull.

Lot 5

DOB: 2-6-20

Sire: KLS Britisher 15915

Dam: Purebred Cow 439

BW: 75     WW: 850

A real long, deep ribbed, thick backed, big butted calf.  Twin.  Top weaning weight. 

Lot 6

DOB: 2-6-20

Sire: KS Harland 622

Dam: Purebred Cow 441

BW: 84     WW: 760

Thick backed, deep quartered, easy going.  Comes from a broody female.  Long as a rope.

Lot 7

DOB: 2-6-20

Sire: SR Forte 13A

Dam: Purebred Cow 456

BW: 88     WW: 760

Solid red, long bodied calf.  A little greener than our other bulls.  Larger framed.  He will be big when he fills out.

Lot 8

DOB: 2-7-20

Sire: KLS Darkie 108

Dam: Purebred Cow 848

BW: 79     WW: 700

Moderate framed, well marked, first calf heifer, smooth made, stands square on all four legs.  Will probably work on heifers.

Lot 9

DOB: 2-8-20

Sire: KLS Darkie 108

Dam: Purebred Cow 860

BW: 78     WW: 665

Moderate framed, pigmented, long sided, gentle.  Out of a first calf heifer.  Might work on heifers.

Lot 10

DOB: 2-9-20

Sire: SR Indigo 1295C

Dam: Purebred Cow 446

BW: 91     WW: 840

Large framed, easy going, dark red, deep bodied, long, pigmented.  A real good calf.  Gentle as a pup.

Lot 11

DOB: 2-11-20

Sire: KLS Yankee 91517

Dam: Purebred Cow 238

BW: 87     WW: 700

Gentle.  Ideal for black cows.  Half-brothers have sold to Peterson and Raymond Jones in past years.

Lot 12

DOB: 2-11-20

Sire: SR Indigo 1295C

Dam: Purebred Cow 517

BW: 92     WW: 750

Dark red, pigmented around eyes.  Well built, muscular calf.

Lot 13

DOB: 2-12-20

Sire: KS Harland 622

Dam: Purebred Cow 607

BW: 84      WW: 800

Herd bull potential.  Picture perfect calf, long, thick, deep made, pigmented, and easy going.

Lot 14

DOB: 2-12-20

Sire: SR Scope 175C

Dam: Purebred Cow 650

BW: 88     WW: 770

Massive thickness, high volume, big butted, well-made calf.  Easy keeper, fills out big boy pants. 

Lot 15

DOB: 2-12-20

Sire: SR Indigo 1295C

Dam: Purebred Cow 129

BW: 86     WW: 750

A large framed, long bodied calf.  Well-marked calf that comes from a real good cow.  Total pigment around eyes.

Lot 16

DOB: 2-14-20

Sire: KLS Britisher 15915

Dam: Purebred Cow 135

BW: 90     WW: 795

Solid red, comes from a tremendous cow.  Half-brother to the bull Rick Henderson bought last year.

Lot 17

DOB: 2-15-20

Sire: SR Scope 615C

Dam: Purebred Cow 512

BW: 89     WW: 760

A long, yellow, thick made calf with a ton of substance and mass.  Full-brother to last years calf that went to Jory Geiser

Lot 18

DOB: 2-18-20

Sire: KLS Yankee 91517

Dam: Purebred Cow 514

BW: 84     WW: 705

Moderate framed calf.  Thick, deep quartered, solid red, easy going, muscular calf, built like a brick.  High volume mother behind him.

Lot 19

DOB: 2-19-20

Sire: KLS Yankee 91517

Dam: Purebred Cow 326

BW: 87     WW: 710

Moderate framed, deep sided, and strong topped with extra volume and mass.

Lot 20

DOB: 2-20-20

Sire: SR Forte 13A

Dam: Purebred Cow 335

BW: 85     WW: 785

Red, correct made calf with plenty of depth and thickness.  Will work in any program.  Comes from a real good female.

Lot 21


Sire: KLS Homerun 17536

Dam: Purebred Cow 534

BW: 91     WW: 725

Lot 22

DOB: 2-23-20 

Sire: SR Indigo 1295C

Dam: Purebred Cow 426

BW: 90     WW: 755

Solid red, super long bodied, deep made quarters.  Will work on black cows.

Lot 23

DOB: 3-3-20

Sire: SR Scope 175C

Dam: Purebred Cow 604

BW: 86     WW: 720

Younger calf that's built like a brick.  Thick backed, pigmented.  Will work in any program.  Gentle.

Lot 24

DOB: 3-3-20

Sire: KLS Britisher 15915

Dam: Purebred Cow 427

BW: 87     WW: 710

March calf that's a sure bet.  A long bodied, top shelf.  Mother always raises a good one.  Half-brothers have sold to Wirtzel, Dickey, Oldaker, and Decord.

Lot 25


Sire: KLS Yankee 91517

Dam: Purebred Cow 216

BW: 88     WW: 705

Long bodied, well made, thickness over his back and rear quarter.

Lot 26

DOB: 3-14-20

Sire: KLS Britisher 15915

Dam: Purebred Cow 425

BW: 85     WW: 655

A young March calf that comes from a real good female.  His half-brothers have sold to Manily, Dickey, Stauffer.  A can't miss calf.  We are using a half-brother.

Lot 27

DOB: 2-11-20

Sire: KLS Darkie 108

Dam: Purebred Cow 866

BW: 80     WW: 645

These 108 calves are all built alike; moderately framed, smooth made, and thick.  Easy keeper and solid red.

Lot 28

DOB: 2-1-20

Sire: KLS Darkie 108

Dam: Purebred Cow 811

BW: 90     WW: 650

Lot 29

DOB: 2-12-20

Sire: SR Scope 615C

Dam: Purebred Cow 710

BW: 82     WW: 690

Pigmented, well built, gets better everyday.  Will work on black cows.

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